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Scottish links

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Rampant Scotland - over 7,000 links to web pages about Scotland
A very rich site with on-the-fly GIS mapping capabilities for over 30,000 Scottish resources. (Yep, it locates them in proper geographic space). It even locates the closest pub to your target destination. - Nova Scotia - United States
A Hebridean Journal
Huge amount of information about Scottish culture in an electronic magazine format. Buy books, find out Scottish facts, practice your Gaelic and much much more.

The alternative Scottish FAQ from Scot.general (Needs that capital 'W')
For info regarding Glasgow's environs including hotels, on-line papers, theatres, etc. Contains links to places wider afield in Scotland too.
Info on Constitution, Stone of Destiny, Treaty of Union etc.
Encyclopaedia Britannica (founded in Scotland)

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